Anger Vs. Balance

There has been angry music around since the 1960’s Vietnam War era. There is nothing wrong with music that is angry. It is expression of an intense emotion that can overwhelm if kept bottled up inside a person; it is better to get it out through music than to take it out on another person.

When I was younger I was angry in a way that went beyond the “anger of youth”. Just so many things happened in my life that I kept my feelings and emotions inside to fester into rage. It wasn’t until just over a decade of years ago that I realized had to stop being angry all the time. Call it growing up or whatever but I came to the conclusion that there were a significant number of petty things I did that made me angry, or, at least, kept me simmering below the surface.
At the same time I discovered poetry, melody, and harmony again through a band that in the 1980’s was known as Savatage and went on to become Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) in the 1990’s. The “NEW” sub-genre of Heavy Metal became known as “Symphonic Metal” in that the band recorded with either a keyboard player using the synth to replicate orchestra instruments and create a symphony or they recorded using a real orchestra. TSO does both. It didn’t matter that it was Christmas music, I listened to it whenever the mood struck me. It was a respite from the angst ridden music that permeated the “Metal” radio stations.
I do not dislike the “Nu-Metal” bands. I will be going to see Korn, Disturbed, Sevendust, Stillwell, and In This Moment when they play here in Missoula, and I am going to see Cradle Of Filth on the Creatures From The Black Abyss tour in Spokane, Washington. But like the Nine Inch Nails album “The Downward Spiral” (an extremely intense album musically and lyrically) I find that after a few songs it becomes a bit too much. It is not the intensity overall but the added anger within the music and lyrics. Then again, intensely happy music gets me to the same place. It gets ridiculous after a while.

Every once in a while I can listen to the music I grew up with in the 1980’s. Every couple of years I have to sit back and have a “Mighty Maiden Moment” where I will listen to every song Iron Maiden has recorded and then I’m good for another two years. I only listen to Too Fast For Love and Shout At The Devil by The Crue. Rarely listen to Ozzy. Hear Slayer once in a while but don’t really listen… Unlike the people I grew-up with, I don’t listen to that music but on rare occasions. I respect those bands; they’re still recording and touring and more power to them for it. My tastes have changed.
One of the last CD’s I purchased was Pachelbel “Kanon in D” and other composers of the Baroque Period (Bach, Handel, Vivaldi). At the same instance I purchased Kamelot “Poetry For The Poisoned” and, because I wore out the last copy, another CD of Tarja Turunen’s (Tarja) “My Winter Storm”. I own CD’s from many genre’s including Dan Reed Network, Cradle Of Filth, Angelspit, and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – that’s funky rock metal, gothic black? metal, CyberIndustialPunk, and, well, the Thrill Kill Kult is what they is (hard to place them within a genre). I listen to Johnny Cash and Dwight Yoakum, am a fan of Christina Aguilera’s vocal prowess, can listen to “Ode To Joy” and never tire of it (Beethoven composed that). I have a wide range of musical taste.

The bands I will be focusing on here are those that should, but do not, get the recognition they deserve in the United States.
I saw Edguy perform in Portland, Oregon on the Rocket Ride World Tour. Here is a band that is well-respected and has been voted best live performance many times over in Europe, a band that plays in front of thousands of people at one show yet they cannot get a club that can only hold 250 people to sell out?* Why? Because Mtv hasn’t played music in years and radio in the U.S. ignores them for the next one-hit, or no-hit-wonder Korn-Klone. Clear Channel, your programming is tired and old.

Symphonic Metal and all its subs. The next post I will tell you about Nightwish and maybe review an album or two at the same time or between time.

*At that show there was maybe 25 people and I do mean maybe. I felt bad for them but they continue to return to Portland to play.