Nightwish – Wishmaster

, the second or third album by nightwish, is somewhat different from its predecessor Oceanborn in that the style was simpler; the arrangements less complex, the vocals are more metal driven without abandoning the classic singing style of the first two albums, the guitars, although still complex (Emppu is a rhythm GOD!), move over to allow the keyboard more prominence in the songs. In total, the album is less geared toward operatic mini-epic’s than it is straight rock based metal. There is also the subtle element of sex within a couple of songs but it never gets into the tasteless realm.

Wishmaster contains many live mainstays, songs that are usually performed in concert by the band, such as The Kinslayer – a song whose lyrics are based on the Columbine High School shootings that contains actual statements made by the shooters. WishmasterTuomas’ getting lost within the fantasy books he’s read and watched. An audience favorite that usually is performed with alot of pyro and explosions. Dead Boy’s Poem – a kind of autobiography of Toumas. Also the song that set the band in the musical direction they would take with later albums.

Track listing:
01: She Is My Sin
02: The Kinslayer
03: Come Cover Me
04: Wanderlust
05: Two For Tragedy
06: Wishmaster
07: Bare Grace Misery
08: Crownless
09: Deep Silent Complete
10: Dead Boy’s Poem
11: FantasMic

Of note, FantasMic is not only based on Disney’s Fantasia but mentions many different character’s from Disney movies over the years. I think the song lyrics are an endearing homage to movies many of us have enjoyed as escape from reality even if they do end after an hour and a half; the journey, however short, is still worth it.

Wishmaster, compared to Oceanborn, and later, Century Child is an album that is quite stand alone in its music. It seems to me that Tuomas was trying for a sound that he did not achieve until the Once album. It is nice to know that he will return to explore, more in-depth, things that maybe he did not feel completely satisfied with rather than continuing on, over and over again, with each new album another attempt at perfecting what it is he feels he needs to get right with because the bands next release, Century Child, is a sort of return to Oceanborn like composing.


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