Nightwish – Century Child

Released in 2002, Century Child, the fourth full length studio album from Nightwish, was a return to a more personal theme than was apparent on Wishmaster.
Century Child has a major theme, that of the character Dead Boy/ Lonely Soul/ ocean soul, Tuomas Holopainen’s not alter-ego but the childlike innocence once inside him; although the charcter does not appear in every song.

Century Child is also the first album (but not song) recorded entirely with bassist  Marco Hietala, who also sings lead and co-lead vocals on a couple songs and backup vocals throughout the album.

It is hard to describe the album as anything but very focused and well produced. The band seem to have calmed down from youthful exuberance to seasoned musician (it’s no wonder why the DVD released after the ensuing tour was aptly titled End Of Innocence).

There are many stand-outs on this album both vocally and musically. Slaying The Dreamer has Tarja Turunen singing in lower tones with a hint of coming malice that crescendos to Marco Hietala’s angry demonic scream/growling tirade against the business end of music, be what it may.
Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom Of The Opera is suprisingly excellent and even better live. Again, it is the malicelike quality, this time in the male vocals of Hietala, that bring a depth to the song not heard in the play or the movie version. After all, there is a reason people are afraid of the phantom and Nightwish touched upon that reason better than anyone has.

Tracklisting for Century Child:
01: Bless The Child*
02: End Of All Hope*
03: Dead To The World*
04: Ever Dream
05: Slaying The Dreamer
06: Forever Yours*
07: Ocean Soul*
08: Feel For You
09: The Phantom Of The Opera
10: Beauty Of The Beast

Released with the the single of Bless The Child were two extra songs not on the album, Lagoon and The Wayfarer. Lagoon, to me, is almost another Ocean Soul and has a sound reminiscent of Sleepwalker.

(The astrix [*] at the end of a title denotes that the Dead Boy/ Lonely Soul/ Ocean Soul is mentioned and/or explained within the lyrics)

Tuomas Holopainen has said that the song Ocean Soul, for personal reasons, has never and will never be performed during a live performance.


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