Nightwish – From Wishes To Eternity

Released in 2000, this concert took place in the bands native Finland. The setting is intimate, the venue  – dark, the crowd obviously loves them some Nightwish.
The concert took place during the Wishmaster World Tour; a time when the band was gaining in popularity around the world (except in the U.S. where they remained virtually unheard of by many).
The show, filmed in Tampere, had two guest vocalists: Tappio Wilska of once Finntroll and now Sethian and Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica.

The setlist is as follows:
01: The Kinslayer
02: She Is My Sin
03: Deep Silent Complete
04: The Pharoah Sails To Orion (w/ Tapio Wilska)
05: Come Cover Me
06: Wanderlust
07: Crimson Tide / Deep Blue Sea (instrumental performance)
08: Swanheart
09: Elvenpath
10: Fantasmic (pt. 3)
11: Dead Boys Poem
12: Sacrament Of Wilderness
13: Walking In The Air
14: Beauty And The Beast (w/ Tony Kakko)
15: Wishmaster

The band is tight onstage which led to speculation of lipsyncing. However, anyone who has heard the studio produced versions of the songs can easily tell that there are to many musical changes for live performance to warrant this.
Emppu Vuorinen (guitar) changes lead ins, adds personal touches and plays in parts he did not on some songs.
Tuomas Holopainen stops playing his keys to headbang with Tarja during FantasMic.
Tarja Turunen can be heard more clearly and hardly uses the falsetto she does on the recordings. She also adds vocals as instrument to Walking In The Air and yes, she can be heard cutting notes short and not hitting others.
Sami Vänskä adds in more technical bass playing in spots.
Jukka Nevalainen adds double bass kick to songs were there are none on the original recordings and plays much faster.
Too, there are the chnages to some songs themselves.
Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea is a live performace only. They have never recorded the song in the studio.
Swanheart removes the second chorus and acoustic guitar break beforehand and there is no sampling of the second vocals used in the studio version.
Elvenpath is more clear in all aspects, played a bit faster, and leads in, medley style, to FantasMic, which only the last part of the song is played.
Yeah, so, whoever believes that this is a prior concert recording being used, and/or lipsyncing – find the nearest 20 story building and jump!

Near the end of the Once Upon A Tour, I read in an interview with Tarja Turunen where she stated she would like to do a tour where there was more of the older songs performed. Watching this DVD I can see why, the band was having fun and the audience wasn’t fifteen feet away from the stage.
There were some pyrotechnics used, explosions… Taking a page from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, they made it snow inside while playing Walking In The Air.
This concert, just my opinion, had a magical quality to it. The only member who did not interact in some way with the audience was Sami Vänskä. One of the most endearing things that took place was Tarja’s use (or attempt) at utilizing American English – the slang was a little 70’s and the last bit was Austin Powers all the way. American English, as I like to say, the bastardized version of the Queen’s English, is extremely hard to get especially when using street slang; we don’t freak out anymore, we get fuckin’ sick. It added to the innocence that would be missing from the band after this tour.

To be honest, the first time I watched this DVD I damn near cried at the live performance of Swanheart, it is so much better live; the emotion comes across in a way that cannot be captured in a studio.

Hopefully one day soon, this DVD will be re-released in the U.S. as it is hard to find domestically and the import price is atrocious (trust me, I got the import! Also got a credit card solely to order stuff from Europe where, it seems, all the cool shit comes out, can you say What Lies Beneath box set?).


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