Kamelot – Ghost Opera: The Second Coming

     Yeah, and this band is from Florida, so why am I reviewing it? Because they are well known and popular in Europe but in their home-country… They are outshined by bands who on their best day are not as good as Kamelot on their worst day.

     See, Kamelot incorporates basic music fundamentals in their music; those fundamentals being melody, harmony, rhythm, and texture. They can put a song together that when ripped apart is simple in itself, put it back together and it becomes complex. That is not only songwriting ability, it is vision.

     The band has been making music since the 1990’s and each release has seen them progress further in small steps – The sound on each album changes enough to reach new audiences but stays true to itself to retain their core listeners (don’t balk, it worked for Iron Maiden throughout most of their career).
     It is hard for me to set down Kamelot into a specific sub-genre of Metal. Yes, I have argued with people over the notion that Kamelot is PowerMetal, ProgMetal, SymphonicMetal, GothicMetal, EpicMetal. To me, they are a Metal band that, at times, has songs that can fit into many sub-genres. Then again, I have argued that shopping at Hot Topic does not make a person Goth.

     After having made Faust into a concept album that spanned two releases (Epica and The Black Halo) Ghost Opera is a culmination of the releases Kamelot has done since aquiring vocalist Roy Khan (Mark Vanderbilt was lead vocals on their first two releases) prior to recording Siége Perilous.
     Ghost Opera
is not an operatic release that tells a story throughout but an album that is filled with stand alone aria’s. From the first notes of Rule The World (a rhythm that I use to warm up my fingers when practicing) the album retains the same energy and musicianship.
     It is a serious album and I would say that it is also an intellectual album lyric-wise. In this, I can listen to Ghost Opera over and over and find myself able to relate on a personal level to what is being said.

     On this pressing, entitled Ghost Opera The Second Coming, the original eleven songs are static but the band has chosen to add videos to the first CD and the second CD contains a live performance as well as four new studio songs, one of them a remixed version of Rule The World.

Track listing for Ghost Opera The Second Coming:
CD 1:
01: Solitaire
02: Rule The World
03: Ghost Opera
04: The Human Stain
05: Blücher
06: Love You To Death
07: Up Through The Ashes
08: Mourning Star
09: Silence Of The Darkness
10: Anthem
11: EdenEcho
01: Memento Mori (live from belgrade, Serbia)
02: The Human Stain

CD 2:
Live from Belgrade, Serbia
01: Solitaire
02: Ghost Opera
03: The Human Stain
04: Mourning Star
05: When The Lights Are Down
06: Abandoned
07: The Haunting (with Simone Simons of Epica)
08: Memento Mori
09: Epilogue
10: March Of Mephisto
Studio songs
11: Season’s End
12: Pendulous Fall
13: Epilogue
14: Rule The World (Remix)

     Alot of music for what you spend and the live performance is their first time performing in Serbia.
     During the live performance the crowd is singing along so loudly that Roy Khan stops singing and allows them to do it for him. Not even their prior live release, One Cold Winter’s Night, did this occur.

                               Original cover of Ghost Opera.

     Who knows, maybe with their recent release, Poetry For The Poisoned, the band might get some more well deserved recognition from their own country.


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