Kamelot – Limited Tour Edition Live From Wacken 2010

     I don’t believe this has been released in the U.S. or the rest of America (North, Central, or South). I got my copy by ordering from overseas. I paid a lot for shipping but I had to have this edition of Poetry For The Poisoned because it has the last recorded live performance of Roy Khantatat before he actually quit the band.

     As far as the initial album, Poetry For The Poisoned, all the song/track listing is the same but that this is a European release and it includes the European bonus track, Where The Wild Roses Grow, a cover song originally recorded by Nick Cave – it features vocalist Chanty Loch from German PopRock band, Fräulein Wunder, singing with Roy Khan.

     Poetry For The Poisoned had not yet been released when this show was recorded a month earlier, August 6th, 2010.
     A few things stand out about this show.
     It was Roy‘s last show before telling the band he was quitting.
     Roy is off in this show. Ever the professional that he is, there is no hiding that his heart is not into it… Which leads to the main stand out…
     Roy is cussing/cursing/using foul language, whatever you want to call it and he’s using it alot.

     All one has to do is listen to prior live recordings, or, if you’ve seen Kamelot perform live (I did on the Black Halo tour with Epica opening. Met Roy too. He was a gentleman through and through) you will know by comparison that Khan seems stressed.

     Putting it all aside, Kamelot lost an exceptional vocalist who was beloved by their fans and I am sure that any live recording with Roy, be it legit or bootlegged, will be sought after by fans and collectors.
     I know that already The Expedition has went up in price (even used copies).

Track listing for Live From Wacken 2010:
01: The Great Pandemonium
02: Human Stain
03: Center Of The Universe
04: Pendulous Fall
05: Hunter’s Season
06: Karma
07: Forever
08: March Of Mephisto


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