Dear Norway (Kongeriket Norge, Kongeriket Noreg),

     Whatever Gods may listen, Norway, I have begged them to shine benevolently down upon your shores and bring calm and peace to your people.

     I know this is just another music blog but I felt I needed to say what is in my heart since the devastating events that took place a few days ago. 

     I am a huge fan of many Norwegian bands, vocalists, and just regular people I have met who were tourists in the U.S.
     Many of the people I know and am friends with happen to be of Norwegian descent too, and they espouse what an awsome place their ancestral homeland is.


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  1. My favorite singer of all time, Alexander Rybak, is Norwegian.

    It makes me sad to know that so many people from a country I respect so much have been killed. So many young people, especially. Norway has a special place in my heart and this news really hurts me on a personal level, though I have trouble explaining to people why.

    I hope the families affected by this catastrophe can pull through this, and I send my thoughts and support.

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