Delain – April Rain

     Martijn Westerholt, original keyboardist for Within Temptation and brother of Within Temptation guitarist Robert Westerholt; Martijn had to leave Within Temptation for health reasons in 2001.
     Having recovered his health, Martijn and vocalist, Charlotte Wessels began working in what was then only a project called Delain.
     Their debut album, Lucidity, was successful and Delain went from project mode to full touring band.

     April Rain, the bands second release, saw less guest musicians and vocalists on it and the sound of the album was more confident. As I mentioned before, their is a song on Within Temptation‘s release The Unforgiven that sounds as if it was inspired by the song Stay Forever, in that it is musically similar in pace and rhythm.
     The lead out song, April Rain, has all the albums elements within it, Symphony, heavy guitar, introspective lyrics, soft and hard vocals (some with effects), double bass drum kick to standard beats.
     Like the relationship of sisters Liv Kristine (Leaves Eyes) to Carmen Espenæs (Midnattsol), what one could expect from the brother of Robert Westerholt is delivered by Martijn as it is by Carmen. Good musicianship and songwriting that has its own sound and not that of their better known siblings band.

     One thing though, Charlotte is a trained vocalist in both the classical style and in jazz. She mixes the styles together and is as adventurous Sharon Den Adel when it comes to trying out effects and different styles.

Track Listing for April Rain:
01: April Rain
02: Stay Forever
03: Invidia
04: Control The Storm*
05: On The Other Side
06: Virtue And Vice
07: Go Away
08: Start Swimming
09: Lost
10: I’ll Reach You
11: Nothing Left*
12: Come Closer**

* Marco Hietala of Nightwish and Tarot sings on these songs
** Bonus track on Japanese and Digipack releases