Seraphim – Rising

     Take Edguy, DragonForce, Nightwish, and Leaves Eyes; mix them all together and you get Seraphim. Not really. Seraphim are their own band but comparatively, they sound like a mesh of Symphonic and PowerMetal bands.

     Hailing from Teipai, Taiwan, Seraphim is known in certain parts of the world, completely unknown in other parts. What’s sad about this fact is they are a very good PowerMetal band with a vocalist (depending on which album you are listening to; original vocalist Pay Lee left the band to attend  vocal instruction and new vocalist Quinn Weng has sang only on this album: Rising) that is as operatic as Tarja Turunen yet sings as softly as Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull of Leaves Eyes.
     Seraphim has released four albums, this last one in 2007 (in english 2008) so it has been a few years since they have been active and there has been no recent news on the band so far this year but they did tour Europe in 2010.

     The guitarists, Thiago Trinsi and Kessier Hsu can play as well as Herman Li and Sam Totman when it comes to extreme shredding but that is an exception and not a rule. Much of the songs stay within the PowerMetal realm but not every song is like greased-lightning either.
     It is hard to get a grip on the meaning of the lyrics at times as they are originally done in Chinese and translated to English – I believe there is something lost in the translation but this does not make the music suffer or less enjoyable to the listener, it only makes reading the lyrics a bit confusing.
     Vocalist, Quinn is higher in octave than original vocalist, Pay Lee, but their styles are similar and though they could easily be compared to Tarja Turunen; they are more classical and operatic in their delivery than Tarja was on Nightwish: Oceanborn.
     Overall, Seraphim is an excellent band that needs to be heard by fans of any kind of Metal. There are many bands that sound powerful but few could be described as having a majestic sound to their music and Seraphim has that sound without being over-the-top or sounding contrived.

Track listing for Rising:
01: Betray
02: Hope
03: Permanence
04: Beautiful New World
05: Spring Wind
06: Century
07: Destiny
08: Rising
09: No More
10: Time

     If you can find any Seraphim albums, pick one up and give it a listen. The are hard to find though. I did find them on I-tunes and a few other online mp3 stores or you can order their albums via snail-mail.