Good Journey Scott Columbus

                                       November 10, 1956 — April 4, 2011

You know, I really am at a loss for words on this.

See you in the by and by Scott. Thank you for the Metal and memories.

A 17 year old Tarja Turunen singing MJ’s “Ben”

I found these sights: &

The video they have posted on YouTube is grainy and the sound quality leaves much to be desired but you can tell it is Tarja.

Upon first seeing the video myself I wondered just who got a hold of the segment and how they got a hold of it. It is not something one gets there hands on easily.
Maybe Tarja will be embarrassed by the clip just a little but everyone started somewhere.
All the video shows is a very young girl who appears self-concious and shy of her voice singing a piece of a song, and the smile at the end of the clip sings louder than her voice.

Why it surfaced is beyond me but it is still enjoyable to see and hear when that beautiful voice Tarja has was beginning.