My Reviews

Sometimes I’m very consistent with getting my reviews published while other times I am consistently inconsistent. Life happens no matter what I am doing but I do try and publish regularly.

I listen to music constantly but do not always absorb what I am listening to unless I take the time to sit down and enjoy what is playing. Some albums are quick to make it up on the blog while others are shelved until I can achieve total enjoyment and know what it is I will be writing about. I think that’s fair to any who read this blog. It is learned.

I cannot bring myself to review music that I do not enjoy listening to. Granted, there is always something to catch my ear, but for the most part, I don’t like to talk negatively about any bands music just because it is not within my taste at the moment (tastes change, no menu is truly static). And, others do like music I don’t – let them review it.
However, I will slam a band to their face, especially if they have a holier-than-thou attitude toward their fans and treat people like shit.

Also, if I do any song-by-song review, it will normally be for an album not yet released. Doing “In-My-Opinion” reviews of an album in its entirety is one thing, but doing it for each little nuance is quite another and takes forced time. i.e. – scrutinizing a recording is not an enjoyable experience for me.

Using a bands song lyrics can be educational but is also on the line of copyright infringement. It raises too many questions about what is educational and what is overkill. I have used partial lyrics in a couple reviews to compare (Nightwish/Tarja) and reference, but using entire lyrics is better left to websites like Dark Lyrics.

The use of album cover photos is, I feel, necessary since I am reviewing the album that goes along with the photo. Because of this I will always claim educational purposes for use of the photo.
There are times I use band photos and performance photos within a post (if i am feeling really ambitious). However, at request of a legitimate entity, I will remove those photos from any post for good cause.

There are other websites that cite my blog and copy and paste my reviews to their sites. I have no problem with this as they all have noted in the posting that I am the original author and placed an address/link to this blog (hint, hint). You are welcome to quote this blog or use full posts as long as you agree to include me as the author and give the blog address.
Props and thanks to those who have and those who will.



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