Indica – A Way Away

     Granted, Indica could never be mistaken for PowerMetal. More to the point, they only slightly border within the Metal realm. They are very Symphonic and much more so on this; their first all english language release.
     Yes, that Toumas Holopainen of Nightwish produced this album and invited his friend Pip Williams to do the score changed the dynamics of the songs (all but one previously released on earlier albums sung in Soumi). Still, they remain the same.

     What interested me in Indica was that vocalist, Jonsu, had recorded with Nightwish during the Dark Passion Play sessions. She sang the song titled Last Of The Wilds, an instrumental track on Dark Passion PlayErämaan Viimeinen (The Last One In The Wilderness) was released on the Platinum edition of Dark Passion Play

     The thing is, while not being Metal, the heavier songs are chunky sounding and the lyrics are poignant, as are those on the slower, more mellow songs, but the heavy music is laden with a sharp sarcasm that Jonsu expresses as well as Dave Mustaine of Megadeth does.
     To say that this is a PopMetal laden album would not be doing it any justice since those songs that are not faster have a melancholy mood to them, yet, I would be hard-pressed to call it Gothic.
“Little sister, playing hide and seek
Even though mama told you I’m really gone
If you miss me, sneak a peek at my diary
Or read the peek-a-boo sky that lights the night…”
from In Passing)

     A bit melancholy, but not Gothic dark in any way. Even if the music is not to your musical palette, the lyrics and the way they are offered to you shows a mature band with strong writing and storytelling skills.

Indica is:
                    Jonsu – Vocals & Violin
                    Heini – Bass
                    Jenny – Guitars
                    Laura – Drums
                    Sirkku – Keyboards & Grand Piano

Track listing for A Way Away:
01: Islands Of Light
02: Precious Dark
03: Children Of Frost
04: Lilja’s Lament
05: In Passing
06: Scissors Paper Rock
07: A Way Away
08: As If
09: Straight And Arrow
10: Eerie Eden
11: Outside In*

     Metal? Not so much. Good? Definately.
     Those that I have played the album for tend to like it despite what their musical taste is. Also, when people are over, it is one album they most want to hear again.
     Hailing from Finland, unknown in the United States but for those that seek out new music; give these ladies their due and give this album a few listens – it will grow on you.

* – Bonus track.