Edguy – Rocket Ride

     Rocket Ride is a good example of a band having fun with music and damn what anyone but them think. There are two songs that delve back into their PowerMetal past but aside from that this album is straight out rock and hard rock.
     Edguy has never been a band that bent to what fans wanted. The have always put out releases and hoped you liked them as much as they did. If not, oh well, maybe next time. Rocket Ride is this sort of album tenfold.
     There are ultra-cheesy lyrics that are not meant to be taken seriously, some of the goofiest voice effects used in Metal, keyboard sounds that were new to the ears in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and one of the sappiest ballad’s ever written. But, it sounded fresh to the ears because no-one was doing music like this anymore. Some fans detested the album and some loved the daringness of it. Whatever the case is, it is still well written music fined tuned with the ears of a band that can write and compose as good as, and better than, most.

     Edguy has always struck me as a band that would have been huge had they been around in the 1980’s. There music, while even when trying for a darker sound, is fairly upbeat. Like fellow German rockers, Scorpions, Edguy has an Americanized sound. Even their earlier PowerMetal releases had this element underlying within the music.
     Their are PowerMetal fans who like nothing but PowerMetal. Any straying from the distinct sound is reason enough to ex-communicate themselves from the band and decry them as sellouts – but true Edguy fans know that Edguy are not sellouts. Hell, they didn’t even buy in. What they are is a group of guys who like their music to be fun and they want you to have fun listening to it. Then again, Within Temptation has dramatically changed their sound too and people are loving it. So why not give Edguy credit for having the cajones to alienate their fans rather than making Mandrake part II.

     As far as Rocket Ride is concerned… Yeah, it’s ultra cheesy at times and there is nothing, musically, new being done here either, but give it a chance to grow on you. If anything, put it on at a party and just let go and have a damn good time.

Track listing for Rocket Ride:
01: Sacrifice
02: Rocket Ride
03: Wasted Time
04: Matrix
05: Return To The Tribe
06: The Asylum
07: Save Me
08: Catch Of The Century
09: Out Of Vogue
10: Superheroes
11: Trinidad
12: Fucking With Fire (Hair Force One)
13: Land Of The Miracle (Live in Brazil)*

* limited edition bonus track on all releases