2012 was my last posting. A lot has happened since then. I have two beautiful, amazingly awesome sons – Gotham Knight and Mikhail Nikola (named after Michael Kiske and Nikola Tesla) aged 3 years and 4 months. I also spent 4 years working in health care which took up all my time and worked me to death. The money was good but the toll on health and happiness not so much. I also discovered some great bands and good music, saw numerous concerts and live performances. Music is still a passion and since life keeps on keeping on I’ll re-start blogging reviews.
I am also going to update older reviews as some read a bit rushed.

The music I listen to is not popular in the U.S. yet when someone hears me playing a CD by Epica or Avantasia or Kamelot they always ask me about the bands and are surprised that they have been around for years and have achieved success all around the world but in the U.S.

Through this page I hope to let those friends and whoever happens to wander onto this page know about these talented bands that I have been listening to for years. I am no critic but I am honest.

And why do I believe I know music?
I have been listening to Metal since Black Sabbath and “record” stores.
I play guitar (and I say that lightly), study piano, appreciation and theory.
I sing, growl, grunt, scream, but I am a trained vocalist that extremely dislikes being told I cannot sing songs by bands with female vocalists. I take it and make it my own.

I also write reality based fantasy and DarkFantasy and ScienceFiction (although I can’t stand reading most fantasy and science fiction books). When I am not practicing music or writing stories I am listening to music. I rarely, if ever, listen to the music I did while growing up. I do have the occasional MightyMaidenMoment but, for the most part, I listen to new/er bands from across the big pond.
Oh, I most times wish I had stayed living in Europe and not returned to the U.S.
Bruce Dickinson had it right – “In a world of steel and glass we bury our past.” I would love to admire European culture, history, architecture, and people again. I am also fascinated by castles and old churches and monasteries.
I also deeply love music from the Baroque and Classical periods. For a MetalHead, I am also a big fan of Opera. Hmm, maybe a review is in order….


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