Cradle Of Filth: Creatures From The Black Abyss tour

Cradle Of Filth headlined this travelling tour with three other bands playing with them Turisas, Daniel Lioneye, and Nachtmystium.
The show was at Knitting factory in Spokane, Washington.

By the time we arrived at the venue, after checking into a hotel, Turisas was finishing up their set. I cannot comment on them live but it sounded okay from outside the venue.

Daniel Lioneye, they who do the theme song for Bam Margera and are a side project of the band HIM, put out some good music. My only complaint was the guitar could not be heard over the bass and drums, but the singer growled and screeched with the enthusiasim and roused the crowd between songs.
As the second band for the night and being not very well known, they played to an audience that had no idea what to expect from them. As their set gained momentum the crowd clearly liked what they heard and reacted by forming a mosh pit (small… real small and too many high elbows) and screaming in return to the band.

Nachtmystium did their own soundcheck and, sorry guys, even I could tell from the audience that the main microphone was not properly teched. It sounded low in volume. When I say I could not here the first thing out of the vocal/guitarists mouth over the music, I am not lying and it was not until midway through the song that I could hear it along with the music playing.
Nachtmystium plays with a death metal sound but remind me most of the bands that play and are popular in Portland, Oregon’s death metal scene (kind of trippy death metal). The thing I really liked about this band was the rock and roll rhythym’s they used unbeknownst to normal listeners (I checked the chording and picking and was right; riffage from out the early days of rock).
Aside from the mic faux-pas the band is solid and performs tightly onstage. They do have history behind them and although extreme metal might never be accepted as the norm, this tour should see them attain more popularity in the genre.

Cradle Of Filth ruled the night! I personally have been wanting to catch a live show of this band since Cruelty And The Beast came out in the late 1990’s.
Dani and the Filth are seasoned touring musician’s who sound DAMNED GOOD live. The show included many songs released in the bands early career prior to the Midian album (they skip Midian and Damnation And A day entirely) and songs released on the Nymphetymine, Thornography, Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder, and their latest release Darlky, Darkly Venus Aversa.
Of course the crowd was in to it, screaming, fist pumping, and head banging. Another mosh pit started up (In all honesty I have to say the mosh-pit was weak. Missoula, Montana mosher’s make Spokane mosher’s look like they are playing in a sandbox at kindergarten.) and Dani Filth and band kept up the aggressive sounds.
I was impressed that Dani Filth actually screeches in the high pitch he does on studio albums rather than growling them out and that the band encourages the audience to get wild and does not just stand on stage and play.
I really need to see this band live again!

side note – I am guessing that there was around 500 people at the show. To the lady selling Cradle Of Filth merchandise; this show could have done that and likely better in turnout had it been held in Missoula. Check out 96.3 FM – The Blaze (Missoula’s Metal station) and see what we in Montana listen to.

Another SideNote: So Luke an I are jammin’ Nymphetamine in the parking lot of G-Funk… guy drives up and screams, “Cradle of Filth! F**k Yeah!”. Montana is made of METAL! (14 Feb 2011).

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