Unsun – The End Of Life

     I am the type of person who goes to a bookstore and randomly picks books from authors I have never read within the many genres that interest me. So to do I do the same thing with music. YouTube is great for this, as is Pandora – put in a band and song title and let the randomizer go. Of course I am usually writing something while listening and not many bands can make me stop what I am doing and just listen. UnSun did.
     On YouTube I found a video for one of their songs, Whispers, and needed to hear the entire album.

     What strikes me is I have listened to the thrash/Death Metal band Vader of which UnSun‘s guitarist, Maurycy “Mauser” Stefanowicz, played with for ten years until leaving Vader to start UnSun.
Touted as a GothicMetal in press, you just cannot pin that one single monikor on this band.
     Upon first listening to The End Of Life I was struck by how American it sounded, especially for a band from Poland. Like Midnattsol, I’ve heard this before but can’t quite place it. There is the drop tuning bass popular with so called Nu-Metal bands, Industrial-style-noise, double bass drum kicking but in a more American Metal style (not EuroPowerMetal style), and even some Hip-Hop inspired drum tracks and funky bass line in one song. But, the use of piano and sometimes shredding leads, acoustic guitars, a bit of symphony…………………………………………….
     There is so much to this music. So many influences can be heard that it is hard to come up with a definitive genre to what the band is doing musically.
     Vocally speaking, Anna “Aya” Stefanowicz, can easily be compared to Amy Lee of Evanescence, or pretty much a whole slew of singers because like the music, she changes styles and pitch to match the music.

     UnSun as a GothicMetal band? They are to well rounded of a band to name so I will refer to them as METAL! 
     For a first album this is impressive to the point of being phenomenal. Had the band better marketing for the United States they would have been all over the rock and metal radio since this is the type of band many in the U.S. like for Metal that is not all angsty and angry.
     The point – this album has something for everyone. There is enough catchiness to the music that even diehard popmusic fans would eat this up regardless that is is not a pop release.

Track listing for The End Of Life:
01: Whispers
02: Lost Innocence
03: Blinded By Hatred
04: Face The Truth
05: The Other Side
06: Destiny
07: Memories
08: Bring Me To Heaven
09: On The Edge
10: Closer To Death
11: Indifference

    The vocalist and guitarist are married in case you were wondering about them having same last name.